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The State Observatory of Loneliness (SoledadES) joins the Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection (GILC)


The State Observatory of Loneliness – SoledadES takes a step further in the international sphere by formalising its membership at the Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection (GILC)Este vínculo abre en pestaña nueva as the reference entity for loneliness and connection in Spain.

The Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection is an international alliance for the promotion of social connection, research and the search for solutions to the global dilemma that is loneliness in our modern societies. With this step, following on from the recent seminar Loneliness: A Global Phenomenon. International perspectives and approaches, SoledadES now takes another step forward in the international dimension of its actions in the field of loneliness and connection.

The Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection (GILC) is a global initiative composed of national organisations committed to ending the pressing global issues raised by loneliness and social isolation. GILC’s activity is guided by three main lines of action:
1.    Raise global awareness through thought leadership and research dissemination
2.    Encourage global knowledge sharing to improve impact and reach
3.    Support national and systemic frameworks and strategies to promote social connectedness.

awareness, collaboration and framework

To date, a variety of social entities from countries at different stages of their work on loneliness have joined the initiative.Este vínculo abre en pestaña nueva From the United Kingdom and Japan, which already have established loneliness ministries, to Denmark, Brazil and Canada, which are at an earlier stage in the work on loneliness and connection. Now, through the representation of the State Observatory of Loneliness – SoledadES, Spain is also present in this alliance.

At a time when many developed countries are looking for ways to address unwanted loneliness and reflecting on the public policies that need to be put in place, cooperation to find common answers through international knowledge and experiences is of high relevance for social policy reforms.

The role of the GILC is crucial to raise awareness of unwanted loneliness as a global issue that all citizens of the world may face at some point in their lives. The union of different nations to establish agreements, share experiences and work together is a necessary step that must be taken in a globalized world if we want to achieve greater social connection at all levels and achieve better quotas of welfare for all people.



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